AR Magazine Adapter Kit for Swiss Arms/SIG SG550

AR Magazine Adapter Kit for Swiss Arms/SIG SG550

  • $59.99

This 3D printed Nylon adapter allows you to use modified AR-15 pattern magazines* in Swiss Arms/SIG SG550 series rifles.

It is a simple two-piece design that clips to the front of your existing magazine well. No nuts and bolts, no gunsmithing, and no modifications to the rifle are required.**

The kit come with the magazine well adapter, a magazine modification guide, and instructions.

This adapter does not work with the SG540 series rifles. 

Please note: This adapter is designed for use with Swiss-made steel receivers. They do not work with US made aluminum receivers.

*Magazines not included. Some magazine modification required.

**Please note that the use of steel magazines with this adapter may cause finish wear on the inside of your receiver. It is recommended that you use polymer magazines only.