.50 Beowulf Magazine Extensions

  • $16.99

These 3D printed magazine extensions replace the magazine floorplate on short-bodied CPD (C-Products Defense) .50 Beowulf magazines.*

They maintain a continuous profile that matches the original magazine body and mimics the size and shape of a 30 round 5.56 magazine.** This allows the short .50 Beowulf magazines to be used with standard length magazine pouches, gives a larger gripping surface for reloading, and reduces the risk of damaging feed lips when dropping magazines. Installation is quick and requires only a Phillips head screwdriver.

PMAG ranger plate compatible bases also available.


*Due to differing manufacturing standards, these extensions may not attach properly on remanufactured magazines advertised for .50 Beowulf. Using these extensions on magazines from manufacturers other than C-Products is not recommended. 

**Note: These are magazine body extensions only, they do not change the capacity of any magazine, nor do they hold any rounds. Magazines not included.