ACR Stock Adapter for FAMAE SG540 Series Rifles

ACR Stock Adapter for FAMAE SG540 Series Rifles

  • $74.99

These stock adapters allow ACR folding adjustable stocks to be installed on FAMAE SG540 series rifles, including the FAMAE SAF and SAF Mini. The adapters are 3D printed out of a high strength carbon fibre reinforced nylon material that closely matches the mechanical properties, appearance, and texture of the stock.

A significant ergonomic improvement over the standard folding stock, the ACR stock provides a better cheek weld when using optics as well as a 7-position adjustable length of pull. The firearm may still be fired while the stock is folded.

They can be purchased either as the adapter alone, or pre-installed on an ACR folding stock (all original hardware will be included).

A 6mm Allen wrench is required for installation.